Not your normal Thursday

So it's Thursday afternoon, 4pm-ish or so and I get ready to go and hassle someone – well because it's the end of the day – and they deserved to be hassled. The phone rings, I pick it up and I'm greeted to:

Hi, this is so and so, we have a donor… do you want to come to Pittsburgh?

 My response was – "What?! Now?!!!" and thus begins what has to be the craziest 24 hours of my life to date.

After walking circles around my cube, muttering something not really fit-to-print, I march my arse over to boss, eyes glazed, brain in hand.

Uhhh… I have to go to Pittsburgh. They have a donor.

So out the door I went. Apply the Gaussian blur now.

I get home, fire up the chaos and phone everyone telling them I have been called for a transplant, and I am heading to Pittsburgh. After waiting for my oldest to bound off the bus, and stirring up every one of my family members and close friends, I stuff the whole famn damily in the car and off we go.

Almost 4 hours to the the minute we arrive at the UPMC ER, and get up stairs a bit later. Now here is where it slows down a bit. They now tell me, that I am the secondary and not the primary recipient. WTF? EH? Say again….. A wee piece of info that could have been helpful before my Mom got on the plane, and got everyone else all stirred up and worried. This is the part that burns my biscuits a bit. I know it's SOP for this, I get that. What I would have liked however, is to have been told prior to leaving home. Knowing this would have changed how I spoke to everyone, and my Mom wouldn't have had to screw with expensive tickets, long flights and dwindling vacation time.

Okay, so it's really only and issue because the primary recipient received the organ. I'm happy for them, I really am. They obviously needed it more than me. Had I received it this would be a moot point – but still worth making; although not making a big deal of it. I don't know, I think my brain is still half out – not fully seated yet.  It has over 7 months since I have last gotten sick, and I thank God every day – and that is what makes this harder. Had I been on the same routine as 7 months ago, it would have been different. Getting sick every other month, and being hospitalized was/is horrible.

So I'm currently looking at this as a learning experience. How so?

  • Have a change of clothes packed, and in the car.
  • Have all my work paperwork ready.
  • Have more phone numbers in my cell phone.
  • Ask more questions, and not be a box of hammers when I next get called.
  • I have a wonderful group of friends.

 Discovering as well that I would prefer not to know about the donor. This time it was a 17 year old girl. I don't know from where, or what her name was – but it saddens me that such a young girl has been lost. Not that any one is more valuable, but I have had a damned good life so far – and I have no regrets – not that I want to go the way of the Dodo, quite the contrary. But it doesn't make it easier knowing anything about the donor.

Well, at least I get to visit with my Mom for a while now, and sooner than planned, someone else is getting a new lease on life, plus I got another day off work – so it wasn't all bad – right?