It may not seem important, I know…

…but it is, so I'm bothering telling you so.

It was sort of a milestone day today as I was able traverse a couple flights of stairs on my own for the first time. Hurt a bit, and tired me out enough to take another nap – but I did it.  ::  hooray for me  ::

That's bout it tho' – didn't do much else. My blood work came back and they changed my meds around a bit, which I guess is normal, but I get to hang loose for the weekend, and just get labs on Monday and not see the docs in clinic – so I guess that's a good sign. They pulled a couple of stiches, and cleaned up my ginormous scar a bit ( which SUCKED!), but everything is going according to (someones) plan – or that's what they keep telling me, so that's what I assume.

A bit of an off day today, but I can't even begin to tell you how huge this is, and I am amazed everyday that I am not still in the Hospital. I need a computer though.

OMG! These winblows 98 machines are heck-a-bad, and super lousy. One of them won't even run gmail. I think I am going to try and contact Dell or Gateway and see if I can get them to donate a dozen machines for the various Family House facilities in the area.

It really is a life altering experience, in more ways than one. I had a collectomy 12 years ago or so, and that was a cake walk compared to this – in fact I would trade 2 of those for this any day – at least on a pain/recovery scale.

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