Another good day

Today was another good day. I woke up early again, but I am sort of getting used to not being able to sleep all night. Litsa and I woke up and toddled off to the lab, then went out to get some breakfast at this nice little bagel place on the south side . It was a good bagel, and I'm glad I decided it looked good.

We then went down to the South Side Works , which is 3 or 4 block outside mall area, with a ton of stores – including REI. We really only stumbled upon this place while we were driving around looking for the REI, and wasting a few minutes until everything opened at 10.

By the time we got done with REI and then going back to the Utrecht art store I was pretty well spent, and Litsa dropped me at the room and I slept for a few hours. It was really good to get out of the room, even though I was dead tired by the end of it.

Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday we will get out to see a movie – that would be good….

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