Back in the saddle again….

Ridin' high
Ridin' high
Ridin' high already

So, since last Friday I have strangely quiet – I've been in the Hospital.

Back in the saddle again….

I was admitted with some slightly elevated FK levels. That's what they use to measure the level of the antirejection medicine I am taking (Prograf) – so they admitted me for 24 hour observation. So a week later and a few other problems – there really is no end in sight and I am still here.

It initially started with a bit of mild rejection, okay – they say it's very common and very controllable. So with a blast of Steroids, I get set straight and an ultra sound and liver biopsy on the plate, they find I have a small clot in the Portal vein of my new friend, and a small narrowing of the Artery feeding the liver. A bit more concern here – although they assure it's common and definately not the end of the world.

Needless to say, I am very concerned about it, and they started me on Heperin and Cumodin to thin my blood, to clear the clot. Now, I have been here for nigh on a week, and I feel good. Better than I have since the surgery – my incision is healing fine, I got the stitches out, and I am getting better. The rejection is responding to the new drugs they have and are giving me, but I'm not through it 100% yet – the results so far are favorable.

Now, feeling a bit like a mushroom (kept in the dark and fed sh!t), I will be going through a new procedure tomorrow so they can see the structure in the main artery. The only problem is.. I am spent. My tollerance for pain has evaporated and this whole ordeal has taken a huge toll on my ability to rationalize and deal with many things – it doesn't take much for me to get apprehensive just now. Which is very out of character for me, so that sort of compounds it.

This whole thing is so much harder than what I thought.

The hardest part is keeping everything in perspective. Perspective. I have none. It's hard and I have no frame of reference to help me deal – all I can do is listen to the docs who tell me I am doing well – and try not to get worked up. Yeah right.

Well, I get to see the boys on Saturday. That will be good. I haven't seen my little crazies for a month! A MONTH! It's hard to believe. And I won't get to go home until (most likely) the weekend of the 16th of Feb.

Again thank you to everyone for everything – without all of the love and support there is no way I could do this. And hey if you wanna visit, just yalp – I'm game!

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