Free! Free at last….

Into the great wide open,
Under them skies of blue

I was finally able to run away from UPMC today around 3:30pm, and that's what I did. Launching myself from my cozy little room (with what had to be the whiniest neighbor on the face of the planet) out into, ohhh… 3 degree weather. ACK! It's a wee bit chilly here, and I was cold!

The Arteriogram and Angioplasty went well and widened the Main Artery of the liver to 75% – 80%. Which is great news, and the results were confirmed this morning by another Ultrasound. So I'm pretty happy with the results, considering one of the side effects of the Angioplasty could have been the artery rupturing sending me back for another liver. (Again with the ACK!)

Seeing the boys today was great, I can't believe how much they've changed and how much better Dylan is talking – they almost seem like two different boys. They quickly wore me out though, and I am glad to have a break. Then we will all sit down for dinner, and start over with the ensuing chaos. It's a good chaos, and I can't believe how much I missed them – they're crazy – but I love it. I had to plop a pillow on my stomach to keep Captain Elbows away from me so he didn't kill me – but then again, he seemed to understand that he needed to take it easy with me. Donovan was a lot easier to convince, but he's a bit older.

It's good to be out, and back to some varied sense of normality. Not really, but closer than sitting in a hospital bed. And as lolng as I keep my distance from Bacon for a while, I think I will be in the clear…

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