In the absence of anything interesting….

I have no news to report
as nothing notable of any sort
has occurred in many a day
and, ya know?
I sorta like it this way.

Any way, Litsa's Dad has fled to the south, and she has joined them in Puerto Rico. They suck, all of them. It was 13 freakin' degrees here yesterday, and almost 80 there (it's negative 6 right now!). I can't remember which city they are all staying in, but I did gather it was near Arecibo , since Litsa saw fit to point it out and how much of a bummer it was for me. Nice.

Well, my brother has been hangin' out being my source of entertainment for a week now, and he has to leave on Wednesday to head back home. So I think we will be acquiring my new recliner today – hopefully anyway. 

There's really nothing new going on with me as far as my transplant goes. I'm still feeling good all things considered and it's getting easier for me to get out and do things. I still get tired around and after dinner time, so I don't generally do anything after dinner until around 7:30 8:00 again. It still seems weird that I don't have to go back to clinic for almost a month. I'm pretty happy about it, but still surprised. 

There is something in some foods that really makes it a pain to eat sometimes, but I haven't been able to narrow it down. It's only at dinner, and it only happens 1 or 2 times a week. I just wind up getting sore around my incision and then I go lie down for 30 minutes or so, then I'm right as rain. Weird. 

I also want to apologize to anyone who has tried to get in touch with me via cell phone, we don't get service at our house unless I am in my bedroom standing in front of the south facing window, so there are a few messages that took me a while to retrieve.  Since I am still not supposed to drive, I am generally at home – and it makes it a bit tough to get a good signal when I only get 1 bar any way.

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