Back to Pittsburgh for the day

I got a call from my coordinator today and she was wanting to know if I wanted to come to Pittsburgh. Well, being that it most definately a thinly veiled rhetorical question, I was like-

No, not really.

 But alas, my choice in this matter, was either yes or yes.

As it turns out, the donor at some point was exposed to a virus, and I just popped positive for it yesterday in my regular Wednesday lab. If I could remember what the virus is called, I would post it – but it was a really big word – so I have forgotten what it is.

So the deal is, I get a PICC Line inserted in my arm, and I get to have IV fluids 2 times a day. After I get back home tomorrow, I will be lucky enough to get a visit by a nurse and attach myself to some machine which will juice me so I get better. I'm guessing I get to be a pin cushion for a week, then as soon as I test negative for the virus, then I get to switch to pills and get this thing yanked from my arm.

I will post an update in the next couple of days when I get more info, and have them tell me a bit more about this thing I gots. 

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