Energy crisis – is it the 80’s or what?

Man, if only I felt as good as everyone keeps telling me I look. I ran into some folks I work with again the other day, Amber, Violet and Bev – and I guess the consensus is the same – I seem to be doing well, or at least looking the part. Even the gal at the Sports Cafe says so. I wish I could live up to the image I seem to be portraying, because right now I am beat. Whipped. Toasted.

I actually felt really good today, better than I had felt in some time. A seemingly good amount of energy, almost normal in fact. So I set about my day building up a new Linux server so Litsa and I could share files and such regardless of what I am doing on my computer. That went well, and it took me a couple of hours in the chair, with some marginal roaming while waiting for stuff to install, reboot, etc. It was nice to do some geek junk today, felt good. I know – you're like WTF?! How is building a computer fun?! Hey! It just is okay?

I had to run to Tops around noon to get some drugs re-upped, so I didn't run out and be without. No biggy, took a whole earth shattering half hour to go there and back. Then I sat around chawin' on some Pizza, and did what? Played Legos with the youngest, Dylan, who turned 3 yesterday. We built a pretty swell fire station (which was later slightly altered by Donovan – who apparently moonlights as a tornado). That was fun, and lasted a lot longer than I thought.

Really, the majority of my day was spent upstairs, in the chair, being chained to my computer.

Lesson of the day

It's a lot harder than I thought just sitting in a damned chair. And if I am honest, I'm tired of getting so flippin' tired at night. I wind up falling asleep and then being wide awake for a couple more hours, and I would rather just go to bed, not stay up watching retarded late-night on the boob-tube.

I want to get out and work on my Bronco, but I know what will happen now if I do. I will wind up warming my chair for a disproportionate amount of time which is diametrically opposed to the amount of fun I actually would derive from the act. Short answer? Not really worth it.


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