Two months: but who’s counting….

It's hard to believe, two months ago I had a liver transplant. Seems strange.

I'm actually a day late (but not a dollar short), yesterday was the actual two month mark, but as a I took two naps and did pretty much jack-squat all day – I never made it to this point, and it never really even dawned on me. Thinking about the last two months, and taking an inventory of what has happened since, it's very surprising how short the list is. Not too many things have gone wrong and I have had only a couple of detours to take on the recovery road.

  • Transplant
  • 3 days in ICU
  • 12 Days in the Hospital
  • Mild Rejection
    • Had a blast of steroids and added Cellcept to my laundry list of meds
  • small clot in the Portal Vein
  • Stenosis of the Hepatic Artery
    • Underwent Angioplasty which widened it to 75% – 80% of full width
  • CMV (Cytomegalovirus)
    • currently taking Gancyclovir through a PICC Line

    I have been lucky. And I am happy as hell that everything seems to be going well.

    Happy two month transplantversary! 

    :: EDIT ::

    Okay. So I guess I am counting …. 

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