Bone density loss – post transplant

Well here's something new, I guess I at a risk of losing bone mass during the first 4 months after my transplant – which hey! I'm only half way through. I ran across some articles, and other information while poking around the intarweb this morning, a lot of the articles seem to point to the same source published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. , but I have failed to find the actual research data online.

This article summarizes it quite well I think), and seems to draw the conclusion that the body will begin to correct the issue on it's own. Another article from goes quite a bit more in depth.

This was all spurred by me looking for more information on Vitamins I should take, there are a couple easy ones since I am supposed to avoid prolonged direct sunlight without a Sunblock of SPF 40 or greater. Well, that is if I want to avoid getting skin cancer – which would be good. So Vitamin D, Vitamin C are easy to figure, you get Vitamin D from the big fusion reaction we call the Sun, and C – well just because it will help in general. I am starting a multi-vitamin too. Other than this, I haven't had a ton of luck getting any more info online – there's a lot of garbage out there, that is hard to wade through – and there is definitely an art to searching online.

I added a ton more info to the links page as well. 

Liver Clinic Monday

Litsa and I trek back to Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon for my Monday morning Liver Clinic appointment, and I am still apprehensive every time we do this. Part of me thinks that I am going to get bad news and get stuck in the hospital again. Naturally I have no reason to think this, or any ailment to back it up – it is simply an illogical thought popping back into my post-op skull. I blame it on the female liver I now have – it's her fault.

My energy level is extremely random as of late too. Yesterday I had energy to spare, and was up late – until after midnight. Whereas on Sunday, I pretty much slept half the day, and was tired Monday and Saturday too. I can't figure it out. Chalk it up to good days and bad days I guess. I've started goofing around with some projects at home, and it feels good to be "working" on stuff again. Litsa and I went to Lowes the other day and bought some wood for her workbench in the basement, and in a month or two, we will be getting more lumber to frae in a studio for her in the basement. We'll see how that goes…

The house is quite again too. All of the family has vacated for the time being, and it's both nice and strange. It's always good to have family around (especially since all of ours is a plane ride away), but it's nice to have the house back to ourselves again. This hasn't happened for 2 months now, so I guess it was time. Now if only I could drive myself – I would be a happy man. I'm really starting to feel couped up in the house, and I am hoping that I get the thumbs up Monday at Clinic.

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