CMV free and sans PICC Line

Yay! I finally got the word yesterday afternoon that I have tested negative 3 times in a row for CMV, and had the PICC line removed today. I can't express how joyous I am at the prospect of actually taking a shower without a Cow birthing glove on my arm.

I can definitely notice a difference to in my energy levels and how well I have been feeling now that the virus is gone, I am really feeling like my old self again. Well, almost any way. I still manage to wear myself out quite often, but I am able to recuperate much quicker, and I haven't completely nuked an afternoon in quite a while. Sleep is still an issue – as in I sleep like crap or really well.

I actually worked on the Bronco a bit the past couple of afternoons. The weather has been great this week so far, in fact it was like 65 today – nice day. I didn't remember how much fun it was taking the fan off an engine though. Crickey! It's almost worth paying someone else to do it. That's why I like electric fans.

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