It’s been a couple of weeks, and not a whole lot has changed

eminem_bwBig surprise.

I started staying almost a full day at work this week, and I have to say right now I am tired – in fact I was falling asleep in my chair just a few minutes ago. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be starting back almost full time, and I expect within the next 2 weeks I will be back to full time on a regular basis.

I haven’t climbed back on the rollers again, and it’s mostly because I have started working longer and get more tired and don’t really feel like it. If I am being honest, it doesn’t even really appeal to me right now. I can tell my energy is low by dinner as I climb up and down the stairs and they feel like I have been riding a lot – that sort of half-spent spongy feeling you get when you work your legs hard – which in a sense I have been.

Powers of recollection

My memory continues to be a point of frustration as my ability to recall things is getting better, but only very slightly so. What’s funny is that I can easily summon bits of ActionScript and mundane programming details and techno-jargon, but little things like band names, actors names, etc… escape me sometimes completely. I can tell it’s getting better, and I have been purposefully exercising my brain with web related books, blogs, essays and such – just to help with this. Not being able to remember things drives me crazy, almost as much as my son kicking the wall to my office from his bed – it’s like being next to a freakin’ dance club sometimes. Only one that just vibrates with no apparent rhythm.

A lot of things have been getting all over my last nerve lately too – for like, the last 2 weeks or so. I’m not going to go into details as to what those things are, but a lot of them are things that didn’t bother me as much before; or that I possibly never really noticed. I’m not entirely positive on that account, but I can tell about my frustration level – and being somewhat limited in my activities, there is a limit to what I can do to relieve this tension. The cat is a great target for torment, but she doesn’t take it well. She gets upset and hides behind the fridge, and hisses at me. Plus the animal is on the wrong end of smart – so, it’s probably best to leave the poor, mental midget of a fuzz ball be….

Back to work

I have to say, overall I am glad to be back at work. Not because I got bored at home; because I didn’t. It’s more along the lines of I love what I do, developing web sites and web applications is a big part of who I am, and I derive great satisfaction from doing it. After 3 months of being deprived of this, it was time to get back to it. Plus, ya know – I missed bR4x and Jeremy.

In other news

I get to stay home for 6 weeks this time around. So my trips back to the Liver Clinic in Pittsburgh are getting at least a bit more distant. Which as much as I like my coordinator, I sat in clinic last week from 7:30 until almost 2:30 – so I won’t miss going every month. I’m hoping for the next trip they kick me out for a couple three months. That would make me happy. Yes indeed. I did have my laptop and a good book with me, so I was able to entertain myself – but I finished the book and the battery on my laptop went out – so after a bit I was stuck watching soaps on TV. GAH!

The CMV popped back up too, but I am on oral meds this time and the numbers are on the retreat – so that may get the boot again too, which won’t break my heart – I take a pharmacy every day – and it gets a bit old. Those damned Magnesium Oxide pills are uncoated, start to dissolved as soon as they hit your tongue – oh yeah; and they suck!

Next time they are doing another Ultra Sound to make sure my Hepatic Artery RI numbers are still good, and hopefully they get to stay that way – and I don’t have to look at another Angioplasty. I am glad they can do 3 of these, but I don’t really want to push my luck – and honestly it’s not a whole lot of fun.

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