Today was a good day

I had the opportunity today to meet quite a generous man by the name of Thanos today. The reason I was talking with him is that he too, is a Liver Transplant recipient. Thanos received his first transplant in 1997, and his second in 2003. He had PSC as well, and had his surgeries performed here in the states, Miami actually. I think it was at the University of Miami , but I know his surgeon is Dr. Andreas Tzakis – who is the Director of the Liver and GI Transplant Division.

Thanos seems to be doing very well on his second go round, and looks great after 3 – 4 years – in fact I hope to be doing as well as he. I will have to ask my doc about Dr. Tzakis on my next appt., I guess he worked with Dr. Starzl at some point – I’m not sure on all that though. He sounds like a great guy, and an exemplary surgeon. In that, Thanos and I have a lot in common. Dr. Soltyce (aka Kyle) did an outstanding job shoving my new liver into place, and I have no complaints at all. In fact quite the opposite – I am incredibly grateful to him and the whole liver team at UPMC.

I have been working some where between half, and full time now for a couple weeks and it is wearing me down a bit – and honestly I don’t know if I will make it a full day tomorrow or not. I know it’s lame right? It’s Friday, no one wants to work all day on Friday. That’s not it though. I was beat today. Tired as hell almost all day. Even after my spicy grease-biscuit breakfast, and a gallon of tea. We’ll see. I generally get my second wind around 2:30 or 3 in the afternoon, and today I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it. I spent an above-average amount of time staring at a marginally out-of-focus monitor before I snapped back to it.

I still feel pretty good, and I have been trying to walk more. In fact, if it’s nice again tomorrow I might drag the boys down to the might Tuna and go for a walk along the path. Who knows. They didn’t want to go today – they were having too much fun diggin in the dirt.

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