Farewell to the Cat….

donovankittyIt’s not really any secret that there really isn’t any love-lost between myself and our cat; Momo. The cat is nice enough (that in itself is usually a bad description), but rather dumb, less than agile and quite boring. Although she is quite affectionate.

The problem here is that when we first took ownership of said feline, it was decided that she could be an outside kitty, and not remain trapped in perpetuity indoors. Well that has been our undoing. The Liver docs told me a while ago that our cat would have to remain indoors lest we have to get rid of it. The reason being is that they tend to kill rodents – rodents which carry diseases which could be quite bad for us immunosuppressed types.

I don’t really want to give the cat the boot – but I definitely don’t want to get sick either, so I guess I win. Unfortunately that means the rest of the family loses. If I am being honest, I am getting a bit tired of telling the kids about things I can’t do, or things they can’t do because of me. I don’t really want to be made out to be the bad guy because I have had a Liver Transplant, especially since it’s not like kids really have a grasp on this stuff, at least not at 5 and 3. I’m not looking forwarding to telling the kids that we had to get rid of the cat because of Daddy….

I just can’t think of any way of keeping the cat in the house. With the weather warming up the kids are constantly in and out – leaving ample opportunity for the little minx to escape – which she does daily in fact.

I’m a dog person any way; just not Weimaraners…..

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