Not a happy camper

I started off the morning like every other Monday. Got my carcass out of bed early, went down to the Lab where some trainee inflicted themselves upon me to get my blood – then went off to work. Nothing unusual – except I started feeling like road-kill about 10 minutes after I drank my Chocolate Milk. I don’t know WTF is up with that, the expiration date was 5/31, and I drink a lot of milk – and never had this before, so it must be a coincidence – but I’m, still pissed.

It’s been a while since I have felt this bad, I was feeling crappy on Mother’s Day too – but not like this. I’ve been feeling great lately, and I really shouldn’t get so torqued about it – I’m not barfing like Linda Blair in the exorcist.

I guess it just boils down to I am a bad sick person. I hate being sick, so I get grumpy, irritable and short. Naturally I fell asleep earlier too so now I am not all that sleepy. GAH!

Hopefully I will better in the morning.

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