All quiet on the Eastern Front

With this week is officially at an end, Zippo is now more than 75 years of age – and I can rest.

Today was proof incarnate that I am not 100%, and that it’s going to be a while until I am. I worked a lot this week on a certain video project which I am certain escaped the depths of hell to torment me. In the end, it turned out well – and many folks were pleased, and that makes me happy and satisfied that I managed to pull it off and did it well. Whew. The experience and time spent with the folks in the video was great and I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of wealth, but the time spent editing it ? You can have it; free of charge. Everything that could go wrong: did.

But as I tried pretty much to sleep all morning and into the afternoon, I realized that I am a long way from being 100%. I would say right now I am probably 70% +/-. Yup. that sounds ’bout right. I convinced the wife to drag us out of the house, and we went to feed the psycho fish/ducks again – not any less crazy, even though the reservoir was visibly lower. As I suspected it made me feel a lot better getting out, and I bought some things I have been in need of to help finish the Bronco off. Then we went to the new ginormous Wal-Mart in Warren . I’m not a fan of Wally-World – but holy cow! This one is nice, and makes our store in Bradford look like a flaming wet turd.

I’m off to bed now, and hopefully recoup some of the energy I expended last week.

So it’s been a month….

It’s funny how little can change in a months time. Time passes, but nothing really happens – from one stand point that can be considered a blessing in disguise; from another it could be just flat out boring. Well, I can happily say I am not bored, but little has changed.

You can refer to me previous post about the numbness under my incision line , and see that little has changed there either, including the fact that it still feels weird when I anything presses against it. As I work more and more on the Bronco, I realize that I still drain energy pretty quick and if I’m not terribly careful I still fall victim to the dreaded afternoon nap: gasp!

My fit level is still a bit discouraging at times though. Litsa and I had a little mini-vacation the other weekend , and man did I tire quickly trudging up and down hills and numerous steeps stair cases in the great outdoors. I know it’s only been 6 months, but it still a bit discouraging. I’ve been trying to walk more regularly with one of the boys, but that’s hit and miss at best, and getting back on my rollers has proven a bit of a challenge. Since I am back to work full time, and things are really busy right now, I tend to come home tired. I also found going to work early every day for 2 weeks straight was a bad idea. From the standpoint that i got really tired in general, and I still haven’t fully turned that around. I was able to complete a lot more work without the phones ringing and such – but that’s about it. I didn’t do anything once I came home.

I have my meds changed a bit again this last week, and now I only have to go get labs every two weeks. That makes me happy – getting poked every Monday was getting a bit tiresome at best, but now it’s getting pushed out more. I have to go back to Pittsburgh for another CT, this time it’s an Angiograph – another Doctor decided they needed a better look at the Hepatic Artery and its flow rates by using the CT. Hopefully this other Doctor doesn’t decide I need to be more aggressive with what we are going to do with the artery, since its flow is still a bit less than 100%.

I guess I will find out around the 6th of next month.