How do you kick a virus in the ding ding?

This is frustrating. That stinking virus is back again (CMV). I could tell it was coming back too, last weekend just before my Monday donation to the Bradford lab – I was getting that indigestion again, and I have been really run-down again lately too. At first I thought it was because I was working a lot over the past few weeks, and just plum wore my arse out – but no. It’s back. So back on the Valcyte I go, and down 1 mg with my Prograf in the evening. It’s quite a bit like being in the Marine Corps again: up, down, spread em’, together….. up, down, spread em’, together….. on your face now; move!

Alright, alright – it’s not that bad, but you get my point. I have days when I forget what in fact I am supposed to be taking and when – it gets a bit confusing at times. I have everything written down, and just to illustrate it I even created a Medication Schedule List
CMV_detail just so I could keep myself up-to-date.

I finished my CT Scan on last Wednesday, and I’m off to Pittsburgh again tomorrow to get the results and have my regular clinic appt. I’m hoping that the Docs haven’t upgrading me from wait and see to something a bit more progressive like arterial surgery or something. The last I spoke to the docs they thought some additional capillaries would open up to help with blood flow as time went buy, and since all my numbers are still very good; we would just sit and wait.

I hope that is still the case….

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