Posting from Pittsburgh

wifi_logo_0Ha! UPMC now has free public WiFi from the clinic, so I can play around on the internet while waiting here in clinic. Yippee! As if I don’t spend enough time on the computer and/or the internet already they have to go and be enablers. Meh. It doesn’t really bother me. hehehe

I’m just waiting to see the docs now. I had breakfast, got poked and the like – now I get to sit and wait to see the docs and get the results from the CT that I had last Wednesday. Then, just when I get off my butt here I am rewarded with a 3.5 hour drive home. Hooray!

Somebody remind to bring my CD Key for Halo the next time I come – having the disk and no key doesn’t do any good at all.

::Edit ::

So it’s all good news! My artery is still doing well, and the CT shows no further narrowing – and I don’t have to go back to clinic for 4 months!

w00t! w00t!

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