Carl’s transplant in the City of Roses

A few weeks ago I ran across another referral to my blog from another, Carl’s Liver Transplant. They live in Portland and are currently spending time at OHSU recovering from his transplant (8/8/2007). The latest update is that he is up and doing well, and I have to say that I am jealous that OHSU has WiFi for it’s patients – I know woopity doo! The last I checked I spend more than a normal amount on my computer, so it’s a big deal to me – and it made a big difference once I was able to get back into a semi-normal routine.

It’s always good to hear a fellow transplantee doing and recovering well, and God willing he will stay that way. Carl also had PSC. It seems, more and more, that I continue to hear about folks who have had or do currently have PSC – which maybe it’s the whole Bear following you around thing (see Lewis Black on this one), but it seems like there are a lot PSC’ers running around. Last I heard this was supposed to be fairly uncommon. I guess it’s the circles I run in.

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