The best kind of news

They say no news is good news – so I guess I have some wondrous news of the none kind to report. Everything has been really just towing the line for the past few weeks. Nothing has gotten any better or any worse. I still have a general lack of energy but I really can’t put too fine a point on any one thing that makes me want to come home from work and take a nap. The only real bummer part is that it still makes it extremely trying for me to get on my rollers and ride – I just get so danged tired so quickly, that it is really a struggle to even want to get on them.

I have been making strides to walk more, and up until this last week I was getting out 2 times a week or more – mostly with the boys. We would pile into the Daddy Bus, and cruise to the River and walk and chunk rocks. Good times… good times….

My INR levels have been a bit quirky for the last few weeks though – requiring weekly adjustments and fiddling to get them to normal, stable level. I am hoping that this irons itself out again soon – so I don’t have to keep goofing around with an already goofy schedule of days and doses.

It still seems a bit weird that I don’t have to go back to clinic until November. I’m not complaining at all, quite the contrary; I’m thrilled. But you get into a routine, and you get used to things – regardless of whether or not you like doing it. The parts I do like are the good eats, real movie theaters where the sound is like a bad am radio station; and believe it or not seeing Katie, my coordinator. She’s awesome – I couldn’t be luckier having gotten her as my transplant coordinator.

I’ve just been lucky all the way around.

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