How often do you think about it?

I’m going to go ahead an assume you know that I am talking about my Transplant, and to those of you have had one or some other life-changing medical event – how often do you think about it and what happened? I do, quite a lot actually. So to copy a gentlemen by the name Scott Hanselman , I am going to jot down a note everytime I do think about it – and I am going to do it online.

Starting January 1st, I am going to use one of the online social networks that I belong to record and post snippets of what I am doing and what triggered my thought of my transplant. If I am in a location where I can’t post, then I will record it later when I am in a position to do so. I was really intrigued by the idea when I first heard that Scott did it in regards to his diabetes, and the resulting revelation of how often he actually thinks about it on a daily basis. Granted, his condition requires thought a bit more than (I think), as he is attached to an insulin pump 24/7 – but I take meds 5 times daily… So who knows.

Right now I am leaning towards using Jaiku , over Twitter . I just like Jaiku a bit more…. Regardless of which service I use, I have them both set up on my cell phone, google talk, and naturally through my Mac, so I am covered. I can get a post to them from just about anywhere I am; West Coast – East Coast, home – not home, thigh deep in frigid water in Onenota Gorge…. wherever I choose. I am going to start this little endeavor January 1st; yes probably right after New Years, and go for the entire month. It should be interesting.

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