2 Fridays; 2 trips; too much fun….

I guess I just had far too much fun last Friday. You know, sitting in the hospital all day, either waiting, or getting jabbed, and poked, and scanned, then waiting, then more scanning…. It’s all too much fun. So I guess I will just do it again this coming Friday.


Friday was my annual checkup, so I was lucky enough to get a liver biopsy, ultrasound, and a CT Angiogram – all in one day. Started at 8am, ended at 5:30pm. w00t! w00t! All in all though, the day wasn’t too bad. The guys who performed this biopsy were spot on, and quick. It didn’t hurt any where what I remember the last one to be like. Although I have to say that the first one was only a few weeks after my transplant – and pretty much everything still sucked then.

My trip this Friday is for my clinic appointment so I get the results of all this poking and scanning. All in all, I have been feeling well. This energy level thing is starting to get on my nerves and doesn’t really seem to be getting any better. I would appear to have hit some sort of plateau. This, and a few other things are on my list. I’ve been having some chest pain off and on, and pain in my left shoulder. I know, everyone says it’s cardiac pain – but I have been having it since my Gall Bladder trouble – and the doc said then it was just pain transference – even though they say it is usually the right shoulder that gets it. Still, I will bring it up again with the docs and see what they say. I dunno….

See you on Friday.

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