In limbo?

A couple of weeks ago, I received a letter from my transplanting hospital (UPMC) stating that my Doctor has left the Transplant team. He just so happened to be the head of the team, but it seems to me that I have been left in sort of a patient limbo.

The last I saw of my saw-bones and coordinator I was to start getting regular (how regular I am not sure) ultrasounds to keep an eye on my hepatic artery, and whether or not the flow was decreasing or staying relatively even. I would say normal, but that would infer that it isn’t still at least somewhat reduced – which it is.

Any way, I haven’t heard nary a peep from anyone out west in Pittsburgh since my last visit a couple months ago – so i guess it’s time to pick up the phone and give a shout out…. I don’t really blame them if there is a bit of turmoil going on, I know about turmoil in the wake of senior staff leaving – but it is a bit…. disheartening? No, that’s not it… just leaves me in an odd spot; even if it is only a perceived odd spot.

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