Prograf Value Card update

I received my Value Card the other day, and it is indeed just as simple as a debit card/credit card. I received it just after a couple of days from when I spoke to the Social Worker, and she was very helpful. The details of the program are simply what I stated in my last post, so there isn’t anything new to update about them.

Once you receive the card, it’s just a matter of activating and you are on your way. There is a form for using the program with your mail-in prescription service as well.

One thing to mention is that if your clinic wants you to not take the generic version of Prograf when it becomes available, you will have to have your coordinator or Doctor contact your pharmacy to make sure they have a standing order to not supply you with anything but Astellas Prograf. I am not sure when this is going to become available, but I will being doing this next week so I know it is on file before my next refill is needed.

I would urge anyone taking Prograf to look into this program – it’s worth up to $250.00, so there isn’t any reason not to – you can use the extra dough you save to get that nifty new iPod touch…..

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