Steve Jobs possibly up for a new Liver

Poking around on The Huffington Post today I find a snippit about Steve Jobs possibly looking at a Liver Transplant, which linked to this article on Jobs just recently took a leave of absence from Apple to get his health back in order, and didn’t really say too much about it in the press release on Apples website – but from all that I hear he’s a man who tends to enjoy his privacy when he can.

There has been a lot of play about his health in the media, and how Apple would survive if he were to leave permanently. Much noise was made, the stock fell, then rose, then it… well you get the idea. I admire what he has encouraged the company to do, and the direction that he has pushed Apple and pulled an Iacoca with them – but after all that he is just a man. Apple will survive without Steve, and what I think matters more than all of this, is that Steve survives all of this. I love my iPod and my Mac lappy, but who cares about Apple really? They didn’t save my life, my doc at UPMC did that when I got my transplant.

Any way, what I really wanted to say through all of this I hope Steve makes a full and speedy (as speedy as that can be) recovery if indeed he is need of a new Liver. God Bless Mr. Jobs.

2 years to the day… after….

Yesterday was the second anniversary of my transplant, and I have to say, all-in-all; I feel pretty good.

A lot of things really haven’t changed though, I’m still a good 20 + pounds overweight, I still tend to fall asleep in the afternoon just before or after dinner, and I am still tired quite a lot. Although, none of those things really affect my day to day health, so in that regards I couldn’t be happier. I am healthy – although if you asked folks who know me they’d probably tell you I eat too much candy, and don’t even get me started on popcorn. But you know, none of that seems to matter.

I have been the weight I am now for at least 10 years, my gut may be a little bigger than before as muscle shifted around and then up and left – but overall it’s about the same. Even when I was racing on the track in Portland, I still had a gut, and I was pretty fast. Chris and I would train for a couple 3 hours every Sunday morning, and then race on Thursday. We were part of a team for a while and we rode regularly with them too – so it’s not like I wasn’t in shape. Still had a gut. Still, it’s not like it’s my riding buddy, I could live without it but I’m getting to the point to where I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. It’s hard to exercise when you lack the energy to do it….

Still. 2 years and counting……