2 years to the day… after….

Yesterday was the second anniversary of my transplant, and I have to say, all-in-all; I feel pretty good.

A lot of things really haven’t changed though, I’m still a good 20 + pounds overweight, I still tend to fall asleep in the afternoon just before or after dinner, and I am still tired quite a lot. Although, none of those things really affect my day to day health, so in that regards I couldn’t be happier. I am healthy – although if you asked folks who know me they’d probably tell you I eat too much candy, and don’t even get me started on popcorn. But you know, none of that seems to matter.

I have been the weight I am now for at least 10 years, my gut may be a little bigger than before as muscle shifted around and then up and left – but overall it’s about the same. Even when I was racing on the track in Portland, I still had a gut, and I was pretty fast. Chris and I would train for a couple 3 hours every Sunday morning, and then race on Thursday. We were part of a team for a while and we rode regularly with them too – so it’s not like I wasn’t in shape. Still had a gut. Still, it’s not like it’s my riding buddy, I could live without it but I’m getting to the point to where I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. It’s hard to exercise when you lack the energy to do it….

Still. 2 years and counting……

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