13 transplants, 26 operations and a record setting run in Washington DC

Georgetown University Hospital and nearby Washington Hospital performed 13 kidney transplants over what must have been a grueling 6 day marathon recently. It’s amazing that it snowballed into such a large endeavor since based on the article, it seemed to have started with just two people who had a pretty low chance of being matched.

There are currently 88,000 people on the National List waiting for transplant, and of that total number only about 17,000 will actually be transplanted. According to Dr. Keith Melancon, Georgetown’s kidney transplant director, predicts these procedures could enable up to 4,000 additional transplants a year.

The AP really did an amazing job with this story, and documenting the weeks of preparation for the transplant team, the recipients, donors, and their families.

Not much else to say, other than what an amazing Holiday for so many families. Here’s the full story on Oregon Live.