New site header graphic

I’ve had an other than normal amount of “free” time on my hands these past months and I’ve been doing a lot drawing, doodling and lettering to pass the time and get back into drawing. So one of the things I have been working is a header graphic or site badge for the blog.

Deliver my liver

So it’s time to break out the scanner and get a clean scan  rather than just a so-so shot from my iPhone. Plus it also gives me opportunity to use my sweet Copic markers. Yes they are expensive, and yes they are so very much worth every penny. The only downside is they are still hard to come by due to a dock workers strike. I guess the strike has ended but shipments are still sporadic and irregular. Which isn’t a huge deal, but I need a good set of primary and secondary colors.

Health update:
I continue to fight recurring infections and with the two drains I have now trying to keep my malfunctioning Biliary system which is basically trying to kill me through a series of carefully crafted dick-punches. But I’ve been out of the Hospital for nearly a week,  so maybe I can get a respit for a while here and stay at home long enough to feel like a regular human for even a short while.

As an aside: I hate flies. All of them. Big ones, little ones but especially those little green bastards that bite.

Damned Dirty Liver

Like the day after I wrote the last post I developed another blood born infection from my damn dirty liver, and as it is it likely keep happening until I get transplanted, which right is somewhat promising because I’m at the top of the least for now.

Seeing how there’s not a lot I can do, I’ve been working on a header graphic for the site, maybe I’ll finish that this week.

I must stay it’s easy to get around in a hospital. Makes easy to just get up wander halls. at I have to go for a walk, and all that that entails. Not that I would to stay at the when I really don’t need to.

28 of the last 60

That’s how many days I have spent in the hospital in the last 2 months – nearly half of those two months I had been holed up either in ICU or on the Penthouse floor of the VA.

Now, I’ve been out for nearly two weeks and I’m hoping to keep this going. My counts are declining a bit since they put in the new larger drain tube, which hurts quite often, but it seems to be doing the trick for the time being. Which is good.

My MELD has gone down to 25, but the AB Positive transplant list for the region is still a short list of two, so who knows what it all means as far as timing and getting the call to come in, but I feel pretty good for the most part right now so I’ll take it.