The downside of having holes

Holes leak. By nature a hole means something is not 100% water tight anymore, and I have two of them in the form of Biliary drains, and one of them is leaking like a sieve. Fortunately it’s not all of the time or I wouldn’t be able keep up with but it randomly decides the bile needs to come out – I would prefer it come out in the tube like it’s been told many times, but it’s not asking where it just pronounces here I come saturates the pad then leaks out of the tagaderm covering.

Dick move move bile.

So I go in Tuesday to swap the drains and for the IR docs to look around and see what’s what. Great. At least they’re finally giving me general anesthesia so I won’t feel it. Then I get to stay in the VA Hilton for a day or two to make sure they didn’t stir up some infection to bother me with. Joy. They should make credits with a points system for days spent in the hospital, I’d have me some points racked up by now – like frequent flier miles.

In the meantime my MELD score holds pretty steady around 25 – 30, and I just sit back wait and hope to get the call for a new liver.

2 thoughts on “The downside of having holes

  1. Renee

    So glad I found your blog! My son has PSC and I spend many hours reading and I love reading about others! It helps to be prepared for what could happen. Thanks for sharing your story!


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