Another round of Verices

I just spent nearly another week in the hospital again with a bleed in my throat or Verices bleeds. I should have seen it coming but I was too busy being distracted by nearly not being able to stand up without falling over and high ammonia levels that were altering my state of mind. Grrrreat!

I finally called in the the towel when I started hurking-up blood a few hours hours later. A bit late, so it earned me an ambulance ride to OHSU up on the hill across the bridge from the VA. Let’s go ahead and give that another greeeattt! The best part of ambulance rides? Nothing. Nothing at all, so the fire truck came then the ambulance and within 30 minutes I had hurled blood up all over the front of my Puppet t-shirt with is now in a bio-hazard container since they cut it off of me. That was my Monday.

Now I’m home and I still can’t sleep, but at least I have something to do here, namely blog. So there is a lesson here kiddies, I should have stayed at the hospital Monday.

My coordinator said she told me as much but that I insisted I go home. That’s not how my feeble brain remembers it, but who knows. I knew I was in trouble once I got home and could barely walk, but I guess a part of me was hoping it would just pass. Since I had no real perspective on it it all, it seemed reasonable at the time – now? Not so much. And what is it with IR (interventional radiology) docs? It seems like I have to tell them all 3 or 4 times before they catch on that moving and swapping out my biliary drains is painful enough that I have to be put completely under to do it, but they’re like “nah. We can get r’ done all normal like”. It’s kinda like an episode of Fargo that has no humor in it, just me being in pain.Jackasses.

At least now I’m home again so I can get back to where I was 5 days ago health and strength wise and hopefully soon I will have a new liver so I can start putting all of this behind me again.

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