Looking at two months and counting

Well, it’s October and now I’m looking at nearly two months post transplant and things are still going pretty well all things considered. My wound sis healing up quite well, and I think in another week it’ll be healed enough to not have to bandage up in order to cart her and weeping or seeping from the wide spots, which will be nice. What’s still not going that great is sleeping. I don’t sleep well at all. When I do sleep I wake up frequently in a sweat, which makes it hard to go back to sleep since now I’m all wet and cold. I stay up far later than I want because I can’t sleep, so I sleep in spurts of a couple hours here and there during the day which impacts how often I go for walks which means my docs and coordinator harass me about it since I’m supposed to be walking 4 times a day in 30 minute intervals. I’m not coming anywhere close to that, although I generally hit 2 to 3 miles a day.

Our working theory for the sweats and insomnia is that it’s the prednisone they have me taking that is causing these “hot flashes” and insomnia. That’s frustration number one. Number two is the fact that I’m still not allowed to drive myself around since I’m still taking some pretty potent pain killers. I’ve been doing well getting the dosage down to Aaron, but I’m not quite there yet and it’s starting to drive me a little stir crazy having to rely on other people to take me places since I’m still not really up to walking long distances all at once. 

All in all though I really can’t complain too much, and the only real pain I get regularly now is from the drain tube they inserted into one of the bile ducts to scar it open. Biliary drains suck, take my word on it, I’ve had at least one sticking out of me for the last year and because of some stricture gentlemen in the biliary tree I get to have one for around another 6 months. Hooray for not being water tight. At least it’s the winter and I don’t own a hot tub, so there isn’t really anything I’m missing out on right now by not being able to be submerged in water. 

The thing I didn’t really account for however is how damn bored I get. I mean, I have very little human contact during my typical day since everyone I know works, and I’m home alone by myself all day since I can’t drive. I’ve said it before that I am not the most gregarious dude on the west side, but damn, I miss being around humans. My dog can’t really hold a very stimulating conversation. Hell, half the time if I didn’t have my phone handy I wouldn’t know what day it is.

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